Highly-Trained Medical Staff –
We believe that "peace of mind" is the greatest gift we can offer our residents and their families.  That is why we offer a 24 hour, around the clock medical staff available on site each day.  We never sleep, so you can!

Pendant Call Light System –
Should a resident need assistance, they simply push their pendant button and staff is immediately notified through a pager which resident needs assistance.

Health Care –
A terminal illness is difficult and often overwhelming. Our nursing staff helps residents and their families face these challenging days with dignity and compassion. Our team approach addresses the holistic needs and wishes of the resident, from medical and pain management to household and nutritional assistance to emotional and spiritual support.

Nutritious, Home Cooked Meals Daily –
Catering to our residents' preferences, our meals are home cooked fresh daily!

Paid Utilities –
We realize that these are difficult economic times, so we cut your costs whenever we can.

Secured Entrance –
We understand the importance of safety, which is why our doors always require a passcode be entered prior to entering the building.

An Expert & Caring Team –
Our staff of nurses, medical assistants, and therapists are all appropriately licensed and specially trained to serve residents' needs. They also have the dedication and reliability needed to provide healthcare services with the high standard of quality and commitment you and your family deserve.  
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968 N Tyler Rd    Wichita, KS
(316) 440-4167